Behind-the-scenes of a photo

A cosmos

A while back I discovered there was a flower I adored – the chocolate cosmos. True to its name, it does actually carry the faint scent of chocolate to its flowers. The flower is also a deep rusty red, happily allowing the flower to live up to its name.

I consider myself to be a horrendous but eternally optimistic gardener. I tended to buy plants based on my wanting them and then would promptly water them to death.

I would just like to say it is thanks to famous British gardener Monty Don and a show on Netflix about gardening that I finally understood I should actually research the plants I want to grow. Since that ridiculously late revelation, I haven’t killed nearly as many plants.

The chocolate cosmos is my Achilles heel of gardening. I’ve tried twice now to grow them, and each time I’ve managed to kill them within a month. Of course I’ve researched them, but they still died.

Thus, I’ve been jealous of anyone who can grow cosmos of any kind. I stumbled across the garden you see above at a farm, where they mocked me with their fields of cosmos. I’m starting to think the entire world can keep a cosmos alive, and then there’s me, banished to just enjoying the scent of a chocolate cosmos whenever I happen to find one rather than going to my tiny garden to find one.

Oh well. Maybe I’ll try again one day.