Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

In deciding I don’t need to follow strict rules, such as defeating Breath of the Wild first, I decided to put aside Breath of the Wild for a bit and have fun in Tears of the Kingdom for just a little bit.

I thought I was going to play for a couple of days just to see what the differences were, then dutifully head back to Breath of the Wild to finish up the game (as in defeat Calamity Ganon).

That was weeks ago, and I’ve almost completely forgotten about Breath of the Wild because I’m having way too much fun in Tears of the Kingdom.

My God this game is fun. I love skydiving, I love the towers shooting you up into the sky, I love the side quests.

Though the Gloom Hands scare the living daylights out of me (I was actually way more comfortable with the guardians in Breath of the Wild), the rest of the game is just way too much fun to put down.

And it is a distracting game, not just from reality, but all the various things in the game distract you from just about anything you’d intended on doing.

For example, I started off playing last night with the goal of finishing up a few shrine quests I hadn’t completed, but then I saw some ruins falling from the sky, so I rewound time on them (it makes sense if you’ve played the game) and went up to the sky islands, where I found a treasure chest containing an old map. The old map marked in the Depths (creepy place below the surface) where I could find treasure. So off I went into the Depths, only to discover I didn’t have any Gloom-resistance food, so off I went to a stable to cook some food, but then I ran into the white bird journalist dude (it makes sense if you’ve played the game) who has a new side quest for me to do, so then I went off looking for a prophetic chicken.

And that seems to be about the typical gameplay I’ve read about from other gamers online. “Distraction” is the real name of this game.

That’s not a bad thing, either. I’m in no hurry to finish this game, so wandering around getting distracted is enjoyable for me.

Maybe at some point, whether it’s becuase I defeated the Demon King or because I got bored, I might go back to Breath of the Wild, but for now, I’m really having the time of my life with this game.