Tatsuya Kitani

I’m a huge fan of the manga and anime called Bleach, though I know it follows the same patterns of just about every “boy’s action” manga/anime that has possibly ever existed where the main character constantly levels up along the way. Even if you think they’ve hit their ultimate level, the creator will throw in secret ways they can suddenly level up.

(As a side-note: If anyone’s watching the Thousand-Year Blood War arc, has it ever been explained how these shinigami, who do not possess a body when not on the living world, are dying such bloody deaths in the afterworld? If that’s ever been explained in this story, I have no memory of it, and I think the whole thing is odd to witness).

The first episode in the Thousand -Year Blood War has a special end credits song that I fell madly in love with called “Rapport” by Tatsuya Kitani. It inspired me to write another book, which I’ve nearly finished, and I spent most of my time writing it while listening to this one song:

Rapport / Tatsuya Kitani

I decided to check out some of his other music, and I love a lot of it. Here are a couple others I’ve fallen for:

Thanatophobia / Tatsuya Kitani

When The Weak Go Marching In / Tatsuya Kitani

I think a lot of his songs are a bit over the top in their messages and lyrics of despair, but for me, they’re the perfect inspiration for writing, so I love these songs.

His voice is also so fantastic. For me, it seems to have the perfect mix of beauty and suffering somehow.

If you have a moment, I hope you’ll listen to some of his songs, especially if you’re a fellow writer of dark fantasy stories.