In Another Life

I’m very happy to announce another literary website has chosen one of my short stories. You can read the story on the In Parentheses website here.

A little background about this story: First, I am a mother. As such, there are times when I wonder how my actions and my behaviors affect my kids. What kind of kids would they be, for example, if I was a bit more laid back? What if I was obsessed with work? What if I tried to act like their buddy? What would that all do to them? I wanted to slightly explore that idea with this short story.

I think I’m more related to the first version of Kim that we see in the story, but I worry that my being too uptight will result in the cold and distant twins that Kim has.

I’m also a huge fan of baking, like the first Kim is. I also love reading like the second Kim does. I don’t think I could ever be as sloppy as her, though, but she seems to make up for it in the love she just pours on her kids. I like that about her.

Just a side-note: I’d like to apologize to some friends of mine for just using their names. I really like my friend Kim’s name so I tend to use it a lot more than I probably should in my stories. She’s also a mother of two, but the similarities between her and the Kim in the story end there, I think.

I also borrowed the names Mary and Alice from twins I know in real life. I also couldn’t resist the temptation to use the name “Alice” considering the kind of Looking-Glass idea the story has.