A flurry of words

I’ve had my share of writer’s block. I usually spend the time during the dry spells looking over what I’ve already written and sometimes pushing myself to just finish something.

Then come the rushes. These are crazy bouts during which I have a hard time functioning in a regular society because my mind will just not stop telling me about the story. I think it wouldn’t be a problem except I feel like my memory is especially bad, so I find myself running to write down whatever scenes my brain shows me before that scene disappears forever.

The last writing rush I had was back in the spring when I was looking again for a book I wanted to read. The idea hit me that I should write a love story that I actually wanted to read.

What followed is about two months of struggling to balance my regular life with the onslaught of scenes my brain provided. I often wondered if I would have been happier locked in a room with a computer for a month, but I think having those mandatory breathers in between writing helped me create a better story.

I’m trying to get the book published, and if it ever does, then I’d love to share on here more behind-the-scenes of my crazy writing process for the book. Right now, though, it’s my favorite book that I’ve ever written.