While I am able to write stories in a completely silent room, I have to say music really helps inspire me.

I end up making playlists for every book I write and for some short stories, too, but there are some songs that basically go well with everything I write.

One such song is called “Hiten” by Naoki Sato.

Mr. Sato composes a lot of music for Japanese TV and films, and this song was made for “Rurouni Kenshin,” which is a film series I love (sorry to say I can’t get into the anime or manga for this). I think my love of Takeru Satoh combined with a love of action movies really fueled my love for the series.

The song is a perfect way to describe the main character of the movie series, Kenshin, but it’s also a song that motivates me to write almost every time I hear it. I love the somber undertones of a woman almost wailing while music that I can only describe as “ridiculously cool” continues furiously driving the piece forward.

If you have time, I really hope you can listen to it and see if it motivates you, too.