The Wrench

I had a short story published in an anthology by Wicked Shadow Press called “Apocalyptales: The End is Nigh.” You can read the story below from page 96 if you’d like.

Imagining the end of the world is a popular pastime for many writers, and it never feels that hard to do. I think we as a species are all too quick to write off the planet or ourselves as doomed whenever it seems like things aren’t going well enough or too many bad things are happening at once.

I appreciate people who, when faced with such bleak outlooks, persist nontheless rather than just throw in the towel and call it the end. It’s not easy in the slightest, and sometimes it doesn’t even pay off, but I personally think it’s brave, and I admire them.

The main character in this story, for me, is one such person. Even when faced with an altogether bleak outlook, when it seems they have days to live at the most, they still find ways to fight back.

This is the song I listened to while writing this story, and sometimes I have no idea why, as was the case with this song. I think maybe it was just the mood of it that helped me write.